Meet the team that solves mazes into into solutions with highly functional products

We are a start-up, company focused on delivering only the best results for clients!


CloudMaze Private Limited (also known as CM or CMaze), is a Sri Lankan based IT business  with a brand-new concept brought up for SMEs (small and medium businesses) and specially targeting Start-up business to get their Infrastructure foundation right. The business was founded in 2018 by two young individuals who worked together offering various Hosting solutions for its trustworthy clientele.

Many of us love working remotely having our very own coffee staying at the most favorite place of ours, which is home sweet home. Hence, CloudMaze have created an environment for young individuals and master minds to live free while working wherever they want.


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Up-to-date Technologies

We use the best of technologies that are proven to be productive and performative in the longer run.

Experienced DevOps

Experienced DevOps engineers working hard to keep the security and integrity of the DATA within the cloud droplet!

Best-fit for Start-ups

Our plans are carefully analyzed and designed to fit start-up and yes, for any other businesses as well.

24/7 Monitoring

Out team has built a system specifically to maintain and monitor every aspects of a costumers product