Consultation and Training

IT Consultation

Most Start-ups and business organizations do not know where to begin or what they would need to initiate. At the same time, existing businesses who had initiated their business do not know of what they have in their IT infrastructure. CloudMaze team will step-in based on customer’s requirement to analyze and act as a consultant while providing best practices. Some of these services are;

  • Defining and designing IT infrastructures to the business
  • Providing best practice in network and infrastructure requirment
  • Best use of available software/hardware within the market
  • Renovating the IT set-up in case of an existing established environment

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Training and Best practice!

All our implementations and script libraries are transparent to the respective customers and are defined accordingly. However, DevOps is a limited practice as most customers do not posses a good knowledge of. Henceforth, CloudMaze will offer training and best practice methods and crash courses based on customer requirements and are limited to below;

  • Training and best practices on the code libaries
  • Awareness of the software and cloud environment
  • Basic Linux/Unix codes and its usages
  • Effective networking and cloud computing knowledge
  • Crash courses and demos & many more…

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