Three simple steps to move forward!

We have simplified our product offering into three simplest steps

Describe your infrastructure

A rock solid infrastructure provides a better productive environment to run your systems with proper securities and dependencies in place. Therefore, defining initial requirements are as important as constructing an effective infrastructure. We request you to be attentive, understand & write you needs in a piece of paper. Think twice before finalizing and move to the next step.

Reaching out the team for an offer

Once the requirements are listed and well reviewed, do consult the CloudMaze team using the contact form. Our sales experts will duly revert back with an impressive customized quote and an offer that you cannot decline. Further, if you have any further queries, do communicate to us via contact form.

Start working with CloudMaze

Once you are happy with our quote, you may remove your stress hat and wear the hassle-free hat as the rest is on CloudMaze experts. Our engineers will define your requirements into code or into a diagram to showcase your end-line product. Once you confirm the solution proposed by our engineers, only then we will populate the solution into your cloud droplets!