From simple beginning to achieving more....

From a startup re-seller to fully blown dedicated servers serving 100’s of trustworthy customers!

Going back 12 years...

It all began just twelve years ago. We were just two young lads who were fascinated about Technology and its growth but had no idea where to start. Over a year or two we figured that community forums and blogs was something that can help us earn a penny or two. With a little we knew, we started our  And at the same time, finding reliable hosting to pay out our pockets, was a huge deal. While serving and gaining knowledge about various product, the team had seen a huge potential in cloud solutions (such as Amazon AWS, Azure… etc) which started growing rapidly during the years. While doing so, team recognized the struggle in Start-ups and SME on setting up their IT/Cloud infrastructure due to the limited knowledge they posses. During the end of 2017, the concept for cloud computing was redefined as CloudMaze to solve every possible problems that such a business would encounter during their play. CMaze team has proven themselves worthy by providing quality and standards within all of the existing products, services, training, maintenance and after sales services offered under Aqurex Technologies. Our CMaze team is comprised of young enthusiastic professionals who committed themselves towards various cloud computing requirements. Yes! we’re a team who design creative IT solutions while also Innovating with existing resources for what an individual/organization requires.


Humble beginnings!

QOSinfo IT Solutions was our very first service offering, registered and launched to help/support customers in IT stream. This initially ran with 15 customers hosted on a shared hosting platform with the help of a local provider. A single cPanel hosted platform providing only FTP support to the customers who required only their website hosted. However, as we all make mistakes in the beginning, we did too, by choosing a provider who failed to provide proper support an uninterrupted hosting setup. We had frequent down times with the provider, due to which we received many complaints from our very few customers. This made us take a proper decision move back to another hosting provider who was well known and well established in Hosting business. There we started offering more offline solutions such as firewall, support ticket system and email set-ups.

While working with QOSinfo, we never had though of doing big or having more customer base. However, two years of experience over the web had taught us so many endless possibilities. Few of them we having, hands on experience with open-source apps which has so much potentials but less community support. We started experimenting and being an expert in both forums and blogs. This gave us an idea to create forum for fun sake, sharing education and what we know about to the world. hence we launched iShareLanka, an edutainment forum (based on open-source platform phpBB) which costed us only the hosting but nothing more.
At the beginning of 2011, we realized that the technology is moving so fast where as we were only providing basic solutions which didn’t even had a