Pay As You Need!

Pay as an when you need a task to done.

Why PAYN Service?

Pay as you need service (in short PAYN), is a creative business model introduced to those who require support only when needed. Is it a simple installation or a complex configuration, whatever it may be, here at CloudMaze we are ready to accept the challenge. And the best part being is that you will only have to pay for the specific request you have made. We will pre-bill you based on the task you have inquired based on its time consumption and complexity.

At any event, If you are looking for contractual support with us on some specific product/service. Yes, we offer them as well, by drafting customized contract and you may contact us to request for more information



There will not be any hidden steps within the “Pay As You Need” approach. All our steps, approaches, billings are pre-defined on our proposal and no hidden information or charges will be added post completion of a task.


This method will only have a one time proposal and an invoice for a given task based on its complexity and time consumption for it completion. Once the said, task is completed, we will have no tie ups with you whatsoever.

Pay per task/hour

Our PAYN service will be analysed based on the task complexity and an average manning hours required to resolve a customer requirement. Reason being, some may consume time to complete the task as more complex it gets, and the dependencies it has to rely on. Hence, it will be decided and evaluated based on customers requirement.

Save money & time

You will not be required to maintain monthly/annually contracts for a particular issue to be sorted. Instead, you’ll hire us independently for a specific task to be fixed. Also, you may generally require such issues to be solved once in every six months. Instead of having contracts, you hire and pay only for the issues that require attention.

Do you wish to Acquire PAYN service from CloudMaze?

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