Infrastructure Monitoring and Support

As part of managed infrastructure, CloudMaze managed servers will be setup with server performance monitoring. Where both CloudMaze and customers knows real-time performance impacts occurring in the infrastructure.

Monitoring Features

Track important server performance metrics – Track CPU usage, CPU load, RAM space, disk space, and disk usage. OS performance monitoring helps detect small problems before they become large ones. It maximizes availability, which maximizes customer satisfaction.

Analyze historical and real-time server statistics – CloudMaze monitoring dashboard provides you access to historical and real-time performance reports which shows you how servers are performing with your running applications and also helps you to decide on rightsizing your infrastructure to avoid resource wastage and reduce costs.

Applications and software monitoring – CloudMaze monitoring provides granular tracking of essential software and applications: OS processes, MySQL databases, Apache Web Servers, Java Virtual Machines, custom shell commands or scripts, log files and more.

Incident Handling

CloudMaze not only configure monitoring your infrastructure and servers but also provide first level incident handling service for basic performance issues. CloudMaze will take appropriate actions to resolve server and infrastructure level issues as soon as possible.

CloudMaze will provide incident report after finding the root cause, which will help determine how to avoid such situations in future and also allows developers to optimize application bugs and avoid resource leaks if there’s any.

CloudMaze commits to keep the servers up and running all the time. However This service depends on the cloud provider’s support where we don’t have certain control.